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100ml bottle two accents dry gin

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Produced by Two Accents Gin Company in McLaren Vale, this 100ml bottle of gin is the perfect gift for any of your bridal party who enjoy boutique gin. These 100ml bottles are exclusive to SA Bridal Boxes and are made with the finest hand selected botanics and are batch distilled and all produced here locally in SA. 

Crafted and batch-distilled in a traditional copper pot still in McLaren Vale, Two Accents Dry Gin is designed to be a superbly balanced and smooth gin which is aromatic with fresh-tasting citrus. The perfect Gin & Tonic gin, not too heavy on the juniper. It has fresh-tasting citrus tones which are lengthened by a warm back note provided by cardamom seeds, roasted and unroasted coriander.

Must be over 18 years old to purchase this and Gin is suitable for over 18 years old only.

The bigger bottles of Gin can be purchased. Please let us know if you would like to order a bigger bottle and we can advise on current pricing.


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